Karaoke Pro System Embraces Both Android and iOS Singers

Most people either love Karaoke or hate it altogether, but if you love it, then you’re going to want to check out Ion’s new Karaoke Pro system. This is a karaoke system designed for anyone with an iPad, Apple or Android device. The system comes complete with a powerful speaker and a wireless mic so that you can belt out tunes without tripping. Ion has also designed the system to work with the free Karaoke Cloud app, so that you basically have a pretty professional Karaoke system out of the box. A voucher for 10 free songs included too, and the app will allow you to access thousands of more tunes, for a price.

The Karaoke Pro system itself is pretty compact, which means you can transport it from party to party too. And when you’re done using it as a karaoke system, it doubles as a powerful speaker system, complete with an amplifier and audio inputs – so for $99 you’re getting a pretty good value. We also appreciate that Ion didn’t leave Android users out in the cold with this product.

But the price of being able to belt out Journey on a lonely saturday night? Well, that is just priceless.




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  1. Awesome. I guess they got the right target group with this. I mean, it should be pretty interesting for someone having a lot of parties at home, in the backyard or anywhere. Neat-o.

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