AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile Team Up to Stop Texting While Driving

icw_commitment_dayWhen reading that AT&T was joining forces with Verizon, I was stricken with a vague sense of terror. Fortunately, it’s for a good reason, and the alliance is much wider than just those two.

AT&T’s It Can Wait initiative, focused on discouraging texting while driving, is being spread to all four of the major telecoms, along with over 200 other organizations. They’ll all be part of a massive advertising campaign, with both committed ads and the slogan worked into other ad campaigns. The texting while driving simulator that AT&T has been using since they started up the program will also go on tour again.

This year, the campaign will be most active between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which AT&T points out is considered the “100 Deadliest Days on the roads for teen driver” – or, summer. The campaign actually kicks off on May 20, and will conclude on September 19, when the It Can Wait initiative will encourage everyone interested in the program to go out into their communities and advocate on behalf of the program. They’re also encouraging advocacy through social media throughout the summer months.

It’s going to be a challenge – AT&T acknowledges that the problem is that texting while driving is becoming entrenched as habit, despite most people knowing that distracted driving is generally a bad idea. But, a campaign on this scale hasn’t been tried yet – hopefully it works out well for all involved.

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