Monster iSport Intensity Sports Headphone Review

Common question: What are good gym headphones? The answer is consistently: The Monster iSports. For nearly two years we’ve been sweating all over the Monster iSport Immersions and putting them through worse conditions than headphones deserve (we even took a shower with them just for you readers!). Now, Monster has discontinued the Monster Immersions in return for a whole new lineup of iSports. We’re reviewing one of the first new models in the lineup, the iSport Intensity.

There’s good reason that the Monster iSport Immersions have been my go-to, and most recommended, headphones. The reasons still apply to the iSport Intensity. Let’s go through the list: they look awesome, they’re ridiculously comfortable and actually stay in-ear during activities, they’re waterproof and resilient to sweat and dishwashers, and they sound great! Plus, they have a built-in microphone and in-line ControlTalk with volume buttons and track control.

The iSport Intensities differ from their predecessor in just a few ways. Most notably, they come in a snazzy new color and the earphones look way different. They’re sporting the same linguini shaped cord that is not quick to tangle. The ControlTalk looks and feels just as amazing. The earphone and ear tips look drastically different. The immersions had your basic silicon ear tips with a separate ear clip to keep them in place. Now Monster has morphed those too components into one ultra comfortable tip that fits even better. They rarely need to be reset in your ear.

There’s three sizes of ear tips and if you have small ears you may require something even smaller than what’s included.

Generally folks looking at gym/running headphones aren’t as concerned with audio quality as much as durability and longevity. The iSports Immersions had it all, including above-average audio quality, and not just for sport headphones. The iSport Intensity sound good, but not as amazing as their older brother. If you want to get picky: the highs are nice and the bass is loud, but can sound hollow. The midrange audio sounds a bit muffled and could be crisper. All-in-all they they sound great at the gym, but lack the premium sound quality. Of course, it’s worth noting the retail price of the Intensity is half that of the Immersions. Also, when you’re pumping iron or breaking sweat at the gym, audiophile-grade quality may not be so important.

If you’re in need of fitness headphones, then for less than $100 the iSports make a pretty solid investment as an outstandingly comfortable pair of headphones that will never let you down at the gym or during extreme activity. They come with a superb carrying case and the microphone and ControlTalk buttons are great for having complete control of your phone without having to take it out of your pocket. If superior audio quality is a concern then you can try out the Monster iSport Victory. Otherwise, the Monster iSport Immersions are currently available for $99.95 (or less) at Amazon.com.

The Good: Sweatproof, Comfortable, Rarely fall out, Inline ControlTalk with microphone and volume control, Durable, Nice cable
The Bad: Muffled mid-range audio, Ear tips may be too large for small ears

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