Must-Have Memorial Day Gadgets to Kick off Summer

The unofficial start of summer is finally here. The barbecue will see its first action of the year, and kids will start mailing it in at school as soon as possible. There will be beach parties, and baseball games, and hot dogs, and it’ll be a whole lot of fun unless you don’t like the outdoors or sweating. And, it all starts with Memorial Day weekend.

But, summer isn’t just sunshine and rainbows. There’s plenty of misery to go around for everyone – the good news is, we have technology to fix the bad parts. Here’s a starter kit of essentials to ward off everything out to harsh your buzz during the summer months ahead.

Cool On the Go


Remember those dirt-cheap plastic fans with the little mist sprayers inside that you could wear around your neck? Well now you can get something else like that, except this one won’t break down after ten minutes. Cool On the Go is a battery-powered personal fan that you can wear around your neck. Reviews say it does a good job of keeping you cool, and you can recharge it via USB, so you don’t need to burn a pack of AAs per day to keep it working.


ChillOut Fan


This is your standard summer fan, but with a portable twist. It’s also available in a selection of fun colors. But best of all, it will help you avoid the unforgiving firestorm that is an electricity bill coming after a month long air-conditioning binge. Plus, this one says “chillout” at the top, so you get a free motivational message, too.


Portable Bug Zapper

Summer bugs are the worst. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have to deal with flies. If you didn’t win the geographic lottery, you’re going to need to tackle things far bigger and nastier. And, of course, there’s the mosquitoes, which are the worst. Few other bugs can wreck a summer outing like the mosquito, which really has no justification for existence. Terminating them with extreme prejudice will be immensely satisfying, turning the summer bug experience into a positive. Yay for electricity!


Dyson Hot+Cool


Well, you clearly won’t need one half of the package deal here, but the cool part is a must. The Dyson Hot+Cool manages to separate itself from the other fans by lacking blades, which is great. One less summer safety hazard is always a good thing, even if that’s the equivalent of trying to steal a beach one grain of sand at a time. Plus, you can set the desired temperature, to help keep energy costs even lower, so you have extra money for more Otter Pops.


Griffin Survivor+Catalyst Waterproof Case


It’s all fun and games until your electronics start falling victim to the ocean or the swimming pool. Make sure at least your iPhone 5 makes it out of summer alive with this waterproof case, which can handle being up to 10 feet underwater. You just snap the two pieces together, and the O-ring keeps the water out. You can keep on using your phone, too. You can even take underwater pictures until you realize those don’t usually turn out well.


Vino2Go XL


And now, for the final, most pressing summer problem – how can you get properly sauced in public this summer? We thought we had the solution with the Vino2Go, but that company appropriately realized that some people are going to need a little more than what that medium-sized cup had to offer. So, they went Big Gulp on us and unleashed the Vino2Go XL, 50 percent bigger than the original. It holds half a bottle of wine, which is all you needed to know, really.

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