Projecteo is a Tiny Instagram Projector

screenshot_1216Projecteo is, in short, more Instagram than Instagram. That should tell you a lot about Projecteo.

In some ways, it makes sense. Instagram took a serious hipster-cred hit when it got bought out by the decidedly mainstream Facebook. Projecteo is just bringing the hipster-cred back to Instagram, with a vengeance. It’s a tiny, palm-sized projector that you can purchase. You can get the projector by itself, but you won’t be able to do anything with it. The magic happens with the film wheels that fit into the projector – you choose nine of your favorite Instagrams, and Projecteo will send you a film wheel with all nine pictures on 35mm film. Then, you show off your Instagram pictures on a wall or something, instead of using your phone, because everyone does that.

That’s about it. You turn the wheel like you’re playing with one of those Viewmasters you had as a kid. Projecteo itself costs about $26, with each wheel coming in at about $9.

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