RedRover Will Be Every Parents Savior During Summer Break


From the world of “there’s got to be a better way!” ideas comes RedRover, a new app that promises to make a day out with the kids a lot less of a hassle to plan out. School is almost out and parents are already fretting on what they will do to entertain their kids… besides throwing an iPad or some other mobile device at them. Red Rover has your fun list ready and waiting for you.

Instead of spending forever searching the websites of individual kid-friendly locations and attractions around town, RedRover bundles up all that information and sends it to you, based on your location – things like free classes, museum exhibits, sports games, library events, and nature walks. You can get more information and buy tickets for those events (if necessary) right from the app. Then, on top of that, the app will offer shopping, activity, and eating recommendations in the immediate area around the event you’re attending.

It’s a young app, and right now, it’s only servicing New York and Atlanta, with San Francisco coming in the next couple of weeks. RedRover will continue rolling out to other cities in the United States and Canada in the near future. You can access the service using a Web browser, or download the free iOS app.

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