Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX 3D Review

If you threw both Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans into the same room… it would be difficult to say which group would survive that death match, but suffice it to say, J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek is the clear winner when it comes to reigniting a franchise. So for now, those with the light sabers, please exit stage left.

Thankfully, if you didn’t watch the first Star Trek movie, that is ok, since Star Trek Into Darkness quickly catches the audience up without being handicapped by the first movie. Better yet, Star Trek fans, and even those that are not trekkies, will enjoy this film. The experience is definitely more heightened in IMAX 3D. In fact, Abrams specifically filmed a majority of the movie with IMAX cameras – just for those extreme close ups and wide angle shots that you can’t achieve with traditional cameras. Furthermore, 3D effects are treated perfectly for this type of film, and they aren’t too over the top, but they are directed in such a way that you feel as if you are on the Starship Enterprise with the crew listening in on their next plan of action. In fact, you can see the pores in Chris Pines’ face as clear as day. That is how intense the IMAX 3D version of the movie is.

The film opens up with Spock and the crew on a mission and quickly finds Mr. Spock in a bit of trouble. Thankfully, Kirk albeit recklessly saves Mr. Spock and that is where the core of the story begins. The bonds of friendship, action, betrayal, and comedy are all equal partners in this second attempt at rebooting the Star Trek franchise. Thankfully, Mr. Spock is still brilliantly played by Zachary Quinto. While Chris Pines does an OK job as Kirk, it is Quinto’s take on Spock that steals the movie. Of course the rest of the crew is onboard the Starship Enterprise too, and no matter what, this is one ‘family’ that plays together and sticks together. The movie picks-up from the last installment and continues the storyline of what Kirk’s path is, and what ultimately leads him and the crew to discovering parts unknown in space. It’s clear from the ending that this latest film is setting up for a series of movies that can go on and on, as long as this young cast is willing to play these characters – or until the producers decide to reboot it again.

And for the hard core trekkies out there, easter eggs are abound in this 2nd attempt, and not only does it pay homage to the original series and subsequent movies, but to fans as well. In fact, true trekkies will get goosebumps when a certain theme plays at the end of the film, as well as classic phrases and references that are sprinkled throughout the film. You might even spot a nod to Star Wars in one scene. Lastly, for New Yorker’s especially, there is a tribute that should not be missed when the credits roll.

Without giving too much away, the mix of the old with the new, the surprises, and true heart, all make Star Trek Into Darkness a must see movie this Spring. Just make sure to see it in IMAX, or you’ll be missing out on half of the thrill.



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  1. Hi Glenno,
    It’s funny you should mention that! We were told at the film preview that most of the film was filmed in IMAX, but it didn’t make sense to us since so much of it is green screen and special effects. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. My pleasure. Always nice to find your instincts were correct, eh? Perhaps someone from the PR team was over-hyping a bit. 🙂 BTW, love that the review refers (obliquely) to easter eggs. Nice to note, without giving too much away.

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