Super Mario Bros. Figurine Game Challenges Your Balance Skills

TBTGR002700_01_LHow much of a Nintendo fan are you? Here’s a pretty good barometer.

If you must have every bit of Nintendo-licensed Super Mario Bros merch out there, here’s one you might have missed – the Super Mario Bros Balance World Game. Straight from Japan, it challenges you to stack Super Mario-related figurines in an attempt to keep the stage balanced. Fail, and the whole thing will tip over and you’ll be left looking for green mushrooms.

The Land Stage, based on World 1-1 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii (that’s the licensed game in question here), comes with Mario, Yoshi, Bullet Bill, a couple of green shells, and some other dudes including Toad. The Underground Stage (1-2) gets Luigi in there, along with a Koopa Troopa, a red shell, some other dudes, and a different colored Toad. There are also different pieces, like rods, boxes, and green pipes, that you can set into pegs on the game board. You can even stack both Land and Underground on top of one another. It’s all fair game, as long as everything stays balanced.

The two sets separately cost about $30 each, but you can get both Land and Underground together for about $55 off Brando Toys.


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