Don’t Panic! 5 Awesome Towels For Towel Day 2013

Do Douglas Adams proud and don’t be without a towel on May 25th, International Towel Day. The beloved Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy writer made very clear how important being with a towel at any given time is. The utmost, most crucial piece of cloth one could ever carry to ensure his existence through out this strange universe. Whether disabling space ships or providing nutrition, a good towel is a must have. Check out 5 awesome towels:


For Mat Rats

Betelgeuse’s Girls have a quite a reputation to live up to as the prettiest girls around. After wailing through countless yoga mats, the Hugger Mugger Eco Bamboo Yoga Towels became mandatory, cutting down on the exploding mat waste that plagued the system for decades. Hugger Mugger Eco Bamboo Yoga Towel



For Adventurers

Mattress Tracking and Hunting is hard work in Squornshellous Zeta. All that volluing, flolloping, globbering, vooning, and willomying is sure to make you break a sweat. A high absorbancy, quick drying, light towel is a must in that challenging atmosphere. Sea to Summit’s Dry Lite Towel

This towel was a must have on my trek in Nepal. Almost as soon as water hits the towel, it is gone. It is 70% polyester, 30% nylon Microfiber with ultra-suede finish, and feels luxurious. It ways practically nothing. It comes in Kiwi, Cobalt Blue, Eucalyptus Green and Berry. The Cobalt Blue is the one I tested out and was very impressed. I’d use this for any outdoor activity, or even just in hotels to have an extra towel. It comes in five sizes from XS to XL.

towelFor Mom

After a long day of fighting Vogon Bureaucracy, and Frogstar shoe shopping, Mom deserves some comfort and luxury. The Toscana by Kassatex towel is just that. 100% Combed Long Staple Turkish Cotton Yarn Dyed Jacquar, will make her feel like she is floating in the stars. Add a monogram on it so there is no confusion who it belongs to, after all as Ford Prefect noted, humans need to repeat the most basic of things.


kids_towelsFor Kids

These cute Hooded Towels will start them early in the Hitchhiker’s doctrine. There are three options. The poorly named One Eyed Mitch Monster which is really a Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. The Shark, clearly an ancient Babel Fish. And the Eura Unicorn. Notice the lack of dolphins?



For the Douglas Adams Die Hard Fan

This towel comes free with every complaint filed in the Sirius Tau Star system. Although they are currently in right’s arbitrations with Megadodo Publications, and it may take up to 10,000 years for it to get you.

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