AT&T Street Charge Offers 25 Free Mobile Charging Stations in NYC

street_charge_img1When Hurricane Sandy hit, AT&T was just one of the telecoms to set up emergency mobile charging stations for the countless people stuck without power. In the process, it looks like someone at AT&T decided they had a pretty solid thing going, and that maybe they had something many would like in less calamitous times, too.

And so, we have AT&T Street Charge. Charging stations not unlike what you might find in an airport will be popping up in parks and other public places across the five boroughs, with 25 locations currently planned. Charging stations at Fort Greene Park, Pier 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Governor’s Island, Pier 1 at Riverside Park, and Union Square Park are already up and running.

To design the Street Charge stations, AT&T collaborated with Pensa, which was tasked with the all-important job of making sure the stations were appropriately eye-pleasing for New York City parks. Goal Zero was brought on board to make the stations completely solar powered. That part, too, was a success – all stations will only run on solar power, with reserve power stored up for nighttime and cloudy days.

AT&T is hoping the Street Charge stations will become kind of like public water coolers – much needed places to meet new people and have a friendly chat while your mobile device gets a recharge.


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