The QWERTY Rises Again: BlackBerry Q10 Finally Goes on Pre-order

dsc01742 620x413 The QWERTY Rises Again: BlackBerry Q10 Finally Goes on Pre order

Ever since it was announced, we’ve been wondering when, exactly, we would be seeing the BlackBerry Q10 stateside for sale. Well, as it turns out, we have an answer – right now.

T-Mobile stores have the Q10 in stock now, where it can be purchased for $100, plus $20 monthly for the next two years. The rest of the usual suspects will be following shortly. Pre-orders are now live on Verizon’s website, with units hitting stores on June 10. Either way, it’ll be $200 plus a two-year contract. AT&T customers can also now pre-order the new QWERTY BlackBerry offering, with shipment scheduled for June 18, which we suppose is also when units will hit stores. Like Verizon, the AT&T Q10 will be $200 with a two-year contract. Sprint will be the last horse to cross the finish line – you can sign up for email updates on their website now, but no pre-orders. BlackBerry is saying the Q10 will hit Sprint sometime this summer.