ColorWare Galaxy S4 Gets a Coat of Eclectic Color

samsungColorWare has gotten its paint-stained hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4, which means that if you haven’t yet jumped shipped to Samsung’s latest and greatest, you can now do so with a little extra aesthetic oomph.

ColorWare’s usual palette of 46 colors is available to choose from for the S4. This time, you’ll have four elements to individually color – the front, the front button, the frame, and the back. The latter three have full access to all 46 solid or metallic colors, which can come with either a matte or gloss finish. The front is limited to either black or white.

ColorWare will be selling the unlocked GSM version of the S4. Phone and customization will run you $1,000, and will ship two weeks after you place your order.

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