Ford Launches SiriusXM Internet Radio App for AppLink

sirius_satRadio_flm_topSiriusXM Internet Radio is headed to a car near you. OK, so Sirius is no stranger to cars. But this time, it’s gotten an even-more-modern upgrade.

The SiriusXM Internet Radio App has now been tweaked to work with Ford’s Sync AppLink in-car entertainment system. Above all else, when we’re talking about apps tweaked for cars, it means voice control. Drivers will indeed be able to control the app with their voice, to avoid being irresponsible road denizens. But, there a couple more goodies on the way with the new version of the app, too.

MySXM is the personalized version of Sirius, which allows listeners to get their own mix of commercial-free music, along with several comedy channels. SiriusXM On Demand opens up access to hundreds of radio shows on Sirius at any time. That should be a unique enough mix of content to at least make it competitive with Spotify, Slacker, and the other radio services that already have apps made for Ford’s AppLink system.

To use the app, those with Android or iOS devices need to download the most recent version of the SiriusXM Internet Radio App, then connect their smartphone and the app to their Ford car using the Sync AppLink system.

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