Lowe Mill Grumpy Cat Art Project Brings Smiles to Kids


Looks like Grumpy Cat couldn’t be confined to Internet memes and shoddy Microsoft Paint work. Now the pros are taking IRL cracks at this year’s feline Internet sensation, with Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment’s Grumpy Cat Art Project.

Lowe Mill is an old textile mill that has been converted into an arts center, complete with studios for hundreds of artists, along with plenty of restaurants, small businesses, and performance centers. And, many of those hundreds of artists were in their studios earlier this year, busy with their takes on Grumpy Cat. The result was a Bubba Gump Shrimp-like laundry list of different styles of Grumpy Cat art – Grumpy Cat paintings, Grumpy Cat bronze sculptures, Grumpy Cat soap sculptures, Grumpy Cat chain mail, Grumpy Cat stained glass, Grumpy Cat jewelry, Grumpy Cat a bunch of other things.

You can check out all the works, which total over 30, on the Lowe Mill website. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your hands on them – all of the pieces were auctioned off in late May, to raise funds for the artists and to build a children’s playground at Lowe Mill. That might be for the best – as an Internet meme, Grumpy Cat has maybe three to six months tops before the inevitable fade and subsequent unsuccessful attempts at revival. Still, it might chafe knowing that an excellent painted glass rendition of the noble Sir Grumpsalot, Camelot’s moodiest defender, could have been hanging on your wall today.

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