iPad 5 Case Leaks Indicate Announcement at WWDC


The people at Hard Candy Cases seem to think so, anyway. They’ve actually created, at the very least, some samples of new iPad 5 cases, convinced that Apple will announce the new device at WWDC next week. iOS device case manufacturers have been known to get a heads up about new iOS products, before they are even officially announced, but making these iPad 5 accessories public before an actual announcement has happened yet – well, that shows a lot of confidence on Hard Candy Cases’s part.

Not that it will be called the iPad 5, exactly, but that’s neither here nor there. The cases seem to suggest a slightly smaller device with the same screen size, thus necessitating a new line of cases, because that’s a tacit requirement for every iOS device refresh. No word on what’s going to be updated inside, but I would go ahead and guess bumps in processor speed, screen resolution, and camera quality. The real meat of the new device (as it always really is) will be what iOS 7 brings to the table, which we will definitely hear about during WWDC.

Anyway, the cases themselves have a little bit of an industrial look to them, especially the ShockDrop, which looks like something that belongs on something made by Caterpillar. The tire tread case has 10mm of silicone protecting the corners of the device, along with a semi-rigid screen cover that is easily removable. The other case, Squish, is a form-fitting silicone case that features air pockets around the case between the silicone and the device, for added protection.

Both cases will be available on June 10, assuming that Apple actually does announce a new iPad next week. If that does happen, the ShockDrop will sell for $60, while Squish will sell for $35.



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