Monster iSport Series Adds Wireless Freedom Headphones for Workouts

MHISRTFREONGRBT_128939_GLAM_06Monster’s iSport series has, until now, featured in-ear headphones designed to stay in your ear and pump out quality tunes while you’re exercising. Now, the series is getting a bit of a different addition – the Freedom headphones, a set of on-ear headphones also designed to be used during exercise.

That means two things, first and foremost – these headphones are wireless and sweat proof. On top of that, the ear cups are anti-microbial, while the whole apparatus is water resistant. Music or calls stream to the headphones using Apt-X and AAC encoding. There are microphones built into the headphones for those calls, and the ear cups boast push-button controls for answering and rejecting calls and playing music.


It’s hard to tell whether or not on-ear headphones are going to make for good exercise companions, especially because these won’t benefit from the ear clips that secure the in-ear headphones of the iSport line. But, if the idea of exercising with on-ears is appealing to you, you can get a pair of Monster iSport Freedom headphones in neon green in the UK for £240 ($365) on July 14, or in the United States shortly after that.


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