MultiPLX is a Google Reader and Feedly Alternative


Remember, as of July 1st, Google Reader will go the way of Clippy. So if you’re looking for a good reader in the wake of Google Reader’s passing, and if you’re not down with Feedly, a simplified version of the already by definition really simple RSS reader is here in MultiPLX.

MultiPLX is a reader with a front page that sort of resembles the Google+ redesign. There are five columns of cards, with each card holding an article for you to expand and read. You can check out the categories MultiPLX has now, which are filled with websites already working with the service, without signing up for an account. With an account, you can add websites to your personal page from MultiPLX’s recommendations, or by adding the PLX button to your browser’s toolbar. If you’re browsing a website you like, you can hit that button and start seeing new articles on your MultiPLX page, provided the site works with MultiPLX.

The column layout, which leaves ample room for images, is more engaging than your average reader. If you’re worried about signing up for a bunch of updates and never bothering to read them, MultiPLX might just offer the right approach to get you into the articles you want to read. And, for those already using RSS, it’s possible to import your existing feeds into MultiPLX from the get-go. Not a bad effort to replace the venerable Google Reader.

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