RadioVault is a Functional Radio and Biometric Safe


The RadioVault’s biggest obstacle isn’t that you don’t need a safe, it’s that you probably don’t need an alarm clock radio anymore.

But, hey, as far as disguised safes go, it’s hard to argue with an alarm clock radio when it comes to inconspicuousness. On the surface, the RadioVault is a standard clock radio – it has a built-in FM tuner and an LCD display for date and time. It’s not just for show – you really can use it as an alarm, or as a 30-pin Apple dock. If you use the dock, you can make your iPhone or iPod Touch be the primary alarm, instead. There’s also a USB port on there, so you can use other mobile devices, just without a dock.

Anyway, that’s all window dressing. The safe is a hidden drawer, which is disguised as a set of extra speakers. But, the disguise is seamless, because there’s no lock to pick, and no obvious unlocking mechanism. This one relies on a small biometric fingerprint scanner, which will only open the drawer when you put your own thumb down. Up to 120 different thumbprints can be saved as authorized to the safe, and the RadioVault will continuously update its fingerprint profile of you every time you open up the safe. The drawer itself is about the size of a small desk drawer – looks good for wallets, money, passports, and other small valuables.

You can buy the RadioVault now from Cannon Security Products for about $350.




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