Tono LED Floor Light is a Giant Mood Light

18h_Tono_8It’s like 2001: A Space Odyssey all over again, except way funkier.

These towering obelisks (52” tall) aren’t full of stars, though. Instead, they’re full of 126 LED lights that combine to create a soft glow of whatever color you choose. Other than that, it’s your standard novelty LED light – there’s a dimmer touchstrip, and you can lock the light on one color, shuffle, or speed up the color transitions. You can also set it to shine plain white light, if you want. All told, through transitions, the Tono LED Floor Light shines down 1,500 different colors across the whole spectrum of visible light.

It won’t spur on the next major evolutionary step for humankind, but it will make for some pretty sweet party lighting. You can get the Tono LED Floor Light off Amazon now for $550.

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