Virgin Mobile Gets Galaxy S III


pm_image_samsung_galaxyiii_4The best of last year is finally making its way to Virgin Mobile. You can now grab a Samsung Galaxy S III from the carrier, without having to worry about signing a two-year contract.

The Galaxy S III is available now online and in stores for $400. It’s available with Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk plans, which all offer unlimited data and messaging. The plans range from $35 to $55 per month, depending on how many minutes you want to add to the plan. The Virgin Mobile S III will be 4G LTE-friendly, using Sprint’s network.

$400 is still quite a lot to pay for a phone, especially a last-generation phone, but the S III is still an excellent device. Combine that with Virgin Mobile’s highly affordable plans and, as long as you’re fine with having to use Sprint’s somewhat lackluster network, you have a pretty good deal on your hands.