Domo Kun Furry Handbag is a Must Have Evening Bag

Is Domo becoming a sellout? From iPhone cases to toasters, there isn’t much left out there that Domo hasn’t graced. So the next likeliest place for Domo to end up is on your handbag of course.  Domo is hungry, and by the looks of this cavernous handbag, he’s going to need to eat a lot.


The Domo Kun Furry Handbag, which looks about as spacious as the very cave in which Domo dwells, is soft and furry on the outside, but animal lovers, take heart – the handbag is made out of faux fur and faux leather. The really nice thing here is that there doesn’t appear to be any frills – no extra coin purses, no hidden pockets. It’s just one wide-open handbag with tons of space.


There’s something to be said for simplicity. Which also means you can throw just about any of your gear in here. Smartphones, smaller tablets, etc…and perhaps a Domo vinyl toy.

Domo can start chowing down on whatever procession of things file into your purses if you throw down $42 on Stylin Online.

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