Evil Alien Mustaches are Stars of the Power Inside Movie [Trailer]

Intel and Toshiba are partnering up to make a movie. About what, you ask? Evil mustache aliens, of course.

This is the third year of Inside Films, a joint project by Toshiba and Intel to create entertainment that the viewer can take part in, which they call ‘social film.’ Last year’s entry, The Beauty Inside, actually won a Daytime Emmy (for Outstanding New Approach to Daytime Programming, which I guess is a category), so the two tech giants aren’t just slapping something together. Far from it – this year’s entry, The Power Inside, will star Harvey Keitel, Craig Roberts, and Analeigh Tipton, and will be helmed by directing duo Speck/Gordon, who also did Blades of Glory.

As mentioned before, evil alien mustaches is the basic idea behind this movie. Don’t suppose there’s much else to explain about that, besides the part where you come in. Everyone can head over to the project’s Facebook page, where they can either use facial recognition software to slap a mustache or unibrow on their faces to join the Uricks (the evil mustaches), or upload a picture or video of themselves removing a mustache to join Harvey Keitel’s team, which seems like an easy enough choice to me. Picking a side and uploading a photo or video is your audition, meaning that your contribution just might find its way into the finished product – hence the ‘social film’ tag they’re putting on this project.

The movie will be released in six episodes, with the first one coming on August 15. After that, one episode will be released online every week for six weeks. You can prepare yourself for the invasion of devastating ’70s charm with the trailer below.