KEF Packs $30K Speaker Technology into $299 M500 Headphones

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KEF audio has a reputation for producing high-end, luxury speaker systems with great aesthetics. Unfortunately these systems tend to be very pricey. But in an attempt to appeal to even more consumers and audio enthusiasts, the company has recently joined the headphone fore.

M Series Headphones

For their headphone debut, KEF has released two pairs of headphones, the  M500 on-ear headphones and M200 in-ears. The foldable M500 headphones sports a sleek lightweight aluminum frame with a minimalist look. So much so, that you would think they came straight out of Cupertino. This design is complimented by a detachable tangle-free flat cable with a 3-button remote/mic. Our first impressions of the M500 is that they are crazy comfortable thanks to their soft ear pad cushions, and that they offer just the right fit without putting pressure on your head. We were also impressed with how well the headphones bring out every instrument, all in a true to life manner. The M500’s retail for a very reasonable $299. And considering the quality of these headphones, that price tag is quite good. Meanwhile, the M200 in-ears retail for $199. Stay tuned for our full review of the M500 headphones.


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Blade is pretty much the flagship speaker system of KEF’s current line up. These speakers cost $30k a pop, and they look the part. This system offers an audio experience that makes you feel like the band is sitting in the room with you. That said, you actually won’t feel like you have to shout to talk, even while the music is playing at louder volumes. We were also impressed with the fact that Blade doesn’t vibrate and shake the way most larger sound systems do. We put our hand to its base while the system was pumping out loud tunes and the system was super still – there were no vibrations emanating from the speakers or harsh thumping. Plus, those who appreciate customization choices will like that you can customize the Blade speakers in a choice of several colors – and that includes everything from white, black, silver, red, orange, green, blue, to yellow and beyond.

X300A Hi-Fi Speaker System

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Of-course, Blade isn’t a practical purchase for the average person, so KEF has decided to take some of the technology behind Blade and bring it down into a smaller and more affordable package geared towards users in smaller spaces. That is where their new X300A Hi-Fi speaker system comes in. With both 3.5mm and USB inputs, these speakers are designed for PCs, Mac and MP3 players, but they promise to still satisfy audiophiles. This system retails for around $800.

And for those not familier with KEF now, you can expect to ‘hear’ a lot more from them in the near future, especially in the headphone space.


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