Don’t Become a Verified by Twitter Victim


Everyone wants to be verified by Twitter. It is almost a rite of passage to achieve that ubiquitous blue check mark. It means you have arrived in the social media world – so much so that Twitter can bestow upon you an icon that will guarantee a boost in your ego, and perhaps a few Klout points too.

The rich and not so fabulous have easily acquired the verified status. If you are a celebrity (at least Z list), it is almost a guarantee Twitter will verify you. Big brands have also easily acquired the verified status.

But what about the rest of us? For others it’s just a wait and see game till someone sends you a DM welcoming you into this elite check mark club. Chip Chick has been around over 9 years now and our Twitter handle has been active for 6 of those years. We are active, pretty popular, we engage with our audience, and above all else we are media. But Twitter still hasn’t deemed us worthy to be verified. Yet, I’m sure if some Amanda Bynes wannabe or Kardashian clone signed up on Twitter, they would be verified tomorrow.

For the rest of the world, there is the shady underbelly of the Twitter verification system. Because if you can pay for it,  you can get it – no?  Well, we decided to see if this promise of raining blue checks would pan out.

It All Started with This Video

Then an email



Then a few more emails








Then things started to go south






Take the money and run



So word to the wise… if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That said, it is pretty amusing how the swindler we were communicating with is well versed in how the court system works, and that she is aware of the fact that this type of incident is only considered a ‘misdemeanor.’ How very resourceful of them!

In the end we didn’t get verified – which we really didn’t expect to, and we were out a total of $105 bucks. We have since filed a complaint with YouTube to report these scammers and their crooked ways. Hopefully the video will be taken down soon, so that others don’t get taken for a ride. Sadly, there are only a dozen or so more videos on YouTube that promise the same misleading service. And while $105 may not break the bank – these scammers could be making a killing while leaving innocent people feeling like chumps. Now who wants to verify that!

To top it all off, this week, we finally heard back from the official Twitter verification team, whom rejected us:

“Thank you for your inquiry into Twitter verification. Unfortunately, your account does not meet our criteria for verification at this time. While we don’t publicly share the criteria for verification, you can find out more information about the process here: http://bit.ly/RzhDQJ We hope you’ll keep up the good tweets.”

Come on Twitter, really!?



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  1. This is really sad Ali … yeah for many of us $105 isn’t a huge deal, but my younger son is a huge Twitter user and as a young aspiring musician he would love to be verified. He already knows (through me) that there is a single real route … but this will give him more info to keep in mind and share with his friends. I wonder how many have been scammed?

  2. Well, as long as he attacks a paparazzi here and there during his career – he could well be on his way to a ‘check.’ Twitter loves that.

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