Bling Blocks CMS System Might be Easier Than WordPress

bling blocksBling Blocks is in its infancy, but who knows – it might just be the future of blogging. In any event, it makes things an awful lot easier.

That’s because with Bling Blocks, as soon as you log into your blog, you can start editing. There’s no back-end to deal with, which was the goal of Beligum, the development team responsible for this Java CMS. Using Bling Blocks, you just drop in blocks of content onto the website, then start typing away. A little box will pop up showing you the usual slate of text editing tools, but other than that, it looks like you’re just typing right onto your website.

There’s a small admin panel on the top, which currently just lets you change the title, URL, or template of your site. If you want to move blocks around, just hold down shift, then click, drag, and drop. Impressively, Bling Blocks can even scale properly to smaller screens, to avoid formatting nightmares when switching from PC to tablet to smartphone.

It’s in the earliest of early releases now, but Bling Blocks is kind of fun to play with. And, if you do indeed play with it, let the development team know about your suggestions – they seem keen on having this be a very collaborative project down the road.

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