Latest Epson EX-Series Projectors Take Boring Meetings to the Next Level


Epson is unleashing not one, but four new projectors as part of their EX-Series, and they look perfect if you need to give a presentation in a conference room the size of your bathroom. Also, some of them come with a nice little extra – wireless projection.

The series includes the EX7220, EX6220, EX5220, and EX3220. All four will feature HDMI ports, and will be capable of 3,000 lumens of white brightness and 3,000 lumens of color brightness thanks to 3LCD technology. They’ll also have 1.2x digital zoom, which will allow you to project a 60” image from four feet away. And, if you accidentally position your projector a little off-center, keystone correction will get things in-line with the screen automatically.

You’ll definitely want to take a look at the EX7220 and EX5220, though – both of those models feature wireless connectivity in addition to HDMI and USB. Using the iProjection app on iOS or Android devices, you’ll be able to deliver presentations while pacing around the room freely, right from your mobile device. The EX7220 and EX6220 are distinguished from the other two by widescreen projection.

The iProjection app will let you project anything that’s stored onto your phone, including web pages, images, Word documents, and presentations. You can also adjust audio and input settings right from the app, so you can manage your entire presentation from your mobile device, without ever having to rush to the projector or a device wired to it. The only shortcoming right now is that you can’t use it to display video or animations.

All four Epson EX-Series projectors will be available this September. The EX3220 will sell for $450, with the EX5220 going for $550. The EX6220 and EX7220 will sell for $600 and $650, respectively.

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