Keep These Hello Kitty Contact Lenses Out of My Eyes


As far as showing off your Hello Kitty fandom goes, this is probably the most subtle way of doing it. The world of color contacts has taken a bold leap forward with the Hello Kitty Color Contact Lenses. I can only assume this is going to touch off a whole market. Soon, we’re going to have contacts with the Bat symbol, and oh. Never mind. I should have figured, I guess.

The lenses are non-corrective, so ironically enough, these would be ideal for people who can see perfectly fine, but not so much for those lacking in the eyesight department. There’s nothing stopping you from wearing glasses with them, I guess, but it would probably take away from the look. Anyway, they’re contacts that look purple from a distance – an odd enough shade of purple for anyone to know that there’s something unnatural going on there. That’s how you lure them in close. Then they get hit with the little Hello Kitty pattern as they gaze deeply into your eyes, and then I don’t know. I don’t know what happens after that.

Thing is – and I’m not saying anything against Hello Kitty – these things come at a price. For just a pair, you’ll need to offer up $100 (plus $17 for shipping), and they’ll only get you a month’s worth of mileage.

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