Black Milk Blasts Us into Space with Mass Effect Leggings

MassEffect_ComicLegs2_6-WEBAlright, Commander Shepard, here’s a high-pressure situation for you. You need to go buy your uniform, and pre-sales are selling out fast. I don’t even know if Joker could get you to this site fast enough.

BlackMilk has brand new Mass Effect wet look leggings on presale, and they look like what Shepard would probably wear whenever she goes training, or “training,” with Garrus. They seriously do look like they belong in the game – the black with the red stripe and the N7 designation and everything. If these don’t get you into the zone, I don’t know what will.

Problem is, small and large are already sold out (these went on sale today), and they’re already running low on medium and XL. Looks like if you rolled a really petite Shepard, you’re good to go – no shortage of XS or XXS sizes. You can get an email notification once they’ve restocked your size, if they’re out. Otherwise, you can order one, and get ready to suit up when the leggings ship out on August 27. Or, you can rep the Asari by donning the By the Goddess leggings, which are already available and ready to ship out, if you want to go blue, which, if I remember right, a whole lot of Mass Effect fans liked to do. Both leggings cost 85 Aussie dollars (about $78 USD), plus another 18 Aussie dollars (about $16.50 USD) for shipping.

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