Richard Chai Partners with eBay Now on New York Fashion Week Tote


When we last looked at eBay Now, it was in beta and only for San Francisco. Well, one year later, the same-day (within one hour!) delivery service, which charges $5 per order and relies on you shopping locally, is now active in the Bay Area, San Jose, and New York City (limited to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens).

eBay Now plans to be very busy during New York Fashion Week, which kicks off on September 5. So, they partnered up with designer Richard Chai, and here’s the result – everyone’s favorite, a free tote bag! You can never, ever have enough free tote bags.

The white and electric blue bags are said by Chai to be an homage to the softer side of New York City. It’s certainly an attention-grabber, and it might actually make you dizzy if you stare at it for long enough. More importantly, the free tote bag comes free with any eBay Now order made in New York City during Fashion Week. That means people in the Bay Area and San Jose are out of luck – for now. They won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on the tote – starting in October, it will come free with any eBay Now order placed in any location.

But, I don’t know. eBay Now opens up some serious impulse shopping opportunities. If eBay doesn’t place a one tote per person limit, I have a feeling some people are going to end up swimming in free tote bags pretty soon.

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