Celebrate Women’s Equality Day with this Timeline

Today is Women’s Equality Day and, to celebrate, MAKERS is celebrating in 200 ways.

The studio has created an encouragingly lengthy timeline featuring about 200 years of firsts in women’s equality, showing how far women have come in the last couple centuries, and, considering all the recent developments on the timeline, how much more there still is to accomplish. Starting with Emma Willard opening up the first school with the intention of giving women an equal education to men back in 1821 and going up to PBS’ introduction of an all-female news anchor team this year, the timeline puts not just the accomplishments, but the women who made them happen into the spotlight. It’s a fun trip through history, and it might touch off a few jaunts into Wikipedia while you’re at it.

200MAKERS Timeline

Today, MAKERS is also celebrating a 200 of their own – the 200th MAKER video, featuring Lisa Leslie, who played basketball for the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA, winning championships and Olympic gold along the way. She’s now a co-owner of the Sparks, but it was her playing career that really touched off a revolution, helping to bring the WNBA more widespread popular recognition and helping the league to grow and prosper. Leslie’s arguably most famous first – the first dunk in the WNBA – garnered tons of media attention at the time, and really helped to solidify the WNBA’s status as a serious league with serious aspirations. Most importantly, her career made girls realize that they could finally extend their basketball dreams beyond college.

So, check out the timeline and the MAKER’s video for Lisa Leslie, then look forward in anticipation to all the firsts that are yet to come.

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