iPhone 5C is Going to Stand for Color According to Latest Rumors


More rumors on the iPhone 5C today, the budget plastic iPhone that Apple will purportedly announce sometime this month. And, it’s looking more and more like that ‘C’ is going to stand for ‘color.’

MacRumors has new photos from a Chinese site, iapps.im (registered to the Isle of Man, for who knows what reason), showing new phones in blue, yellow, and white, along with the same iPhone 5C packaging that has been seen in previous leaked photos. It looks like it has more or less the same form factor as the iPhone 5 (5 rows of apps!), just with a plastic shell. They also have a less convincing video from a different site, with what might be a red iPhone 5C in use. There’s also a picture of a green iPhone 5C, but the picture isn’t very clear. Regardless, it seems pretty ironclad that an iPhone 5C announcement is coming in the very near future.

So, brace yourselves – hell is about to freeze over. Something that requires the use of Apple and budget in the same sentence is almost a reality.

Via MacRumors

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