JBL Spark Speaker Certainly Sparks Our Interest

spark_blueThe JBL  Spark, a portable speaker which could easily be mistaken for a piece of decorative art. Now, there’s a lot of portable speakers on the market, so the first goal of any new portable speaker is to look different. The Spark does that. Harman says it looks like a megaphone, but it strikes me more as looking like one of those flood lights used when construction workers need to pull a night shift. Either way, once you get past the looks, this one is pretty much the same as most other portable speakers you’ll find out on the market today – two 40 mm drivers and a tuned bass port. It’s Bluetooth compatible, but it looks like this one gets the ‘portable’ designation only on account of its size – it’ll need to be plugged in to an outlet for power.


The JBL Spark is available now on the JBL store for $130.

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