MiFi Home Puts Final Nail in the Landline’s Coffin

verizonThe landline has been on its way out for a while. At this point, it’s probably just a matter of attrition before they go the way of the telegraph. Novatel Wireless is trying to hasten that attrition rate with their MiFi Home device.

MiFi Home is basically a router for Verizon’s 4G LTE service. You can connect up to ten devices to it via Wi-Fi, and three with an ethernet connection. The kicker is that you can also use MiFi Home to make calls from your existing home phone number, which means you don’t need to pay for an extra landline, while still enjoying the benefits (?) of having one.

You should be able to find MiFi Home in Verizon stores now. Hey, taking 4G LTE speeds into account, maybe you can knock out that separate Internet bill while you’re at it.

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