United Nations Gets a LEGO Makeover

un buildingIf you’re in New York, you probably know a little bit about the UN General Assembly, and the resultant traffic jams that sadly follow President Obama everywhere he goes. You probably also know that, given what’s going on on the world stage right now, this 2013 UN General Assembly looks to be a pretty monumental one. So, it’s only fitting that a monument of sorts is built in its honor.

The United Nations Headquarters got the LEGO treatment ahead of the opening of the General Assembly, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon putting the finishing touches on a massive scale model by planting the last LEGO flagpole, bearing the UN flag. And, no expense was spared – the model is 10′ tall, consisting of 90,000 LEGO bricks. Eight guys worked on the model for an entire week – we can only hope the people actually taking part in the General Assembly work as hard in the coming days.

The good news for the rest of us is that this is the coming out party of the United Nations Headquarters‘ entrance into LEGO’s Architecture line. LEGO Architecture features scale models of famous buildings from all over the globe, along with background information about the ideas and people behind some of the world’s most recognizable creations. The retail model, sadly, will be shrunk down to just 597 pieces, and will stand only 5” tall. You’ll be able to add it to your collection after October 1 for $50.

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