Lomography Lens Kit Transforms a Fours Thirds Camera into a Hipster


It’s all the slapdash, color-skewed benefits of lomography, without having to deal with actual rolls of film. All right, maybe that’ll put a damper on your hipster street cred, but hey, now you can take hundreds and hundreds of lomography shots in one go. The serial photographer in you can’t say no to that.

The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit features three lomography lenses that can be slapped onto any micro 4/3 digital camera. Included is a wide-angle 12 mm lens, a standard 24 mm lens, and, of course, the requisite fisheye lens, which allows for 160 degree shots. All of these make optical multiple exposures possible on your micro 4/3 digital camera, without you needing to merge multiple shots with editing software later. And, you can still get that analog feeling when you snap pictures with these lenses – each lens still has a mechanical lever you can push down to take a picture. There are also color gel filters that you can slip into the lenses, which let you toy with color saturation, depending on which filter you use.

The whole kit is available from Lomography now for $90.

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