Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition – Rinse & Review

Not too long ago we reviewed Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z. We walked away impressed with its crazy thin and lightweight form factor, its water resistant abilities, excellent camera, and its general high end feature set and performance. Since then, Sony has introduced a special Kitchen Edition of the Xperia Tablet Z. Being water resistant, the Xperia Tablet Z is of course a natural fit for the kitchen, and to that effect, the Kitchen Edition takes things to the next level.

Now, there aren’t many tablets that you would feel safe cooking around with in the kitchen, yet the Tablet Z can handle being washed under the sink as well as it can withstand general splashes while you’re cooking. But not only is the Tablet Z ready to handle most kitchen hazards, it’s also able to assist you while cooking! In the box you get a white edition of the Tablet Z. The white edition matches the bundled iGrill wireless digital thermometer nicely. Also included in the box is a foldable stand for the tablet so that you can easily have it set up on your kitchen counter.


For starters, the included iGrill, which retails for $79.99 alone, is designed to help you cook the perfect steak or whatever else. This high tech cooking thermometer has probes that you plug into into your dish, allowing you to keep tabs on the temperature of what you’re cooking or grilling. The device connects to the Tablet Z via bluetooth and sends it temperature updates and alerts to the iGrill app. So you can walk away from the kitchen counter with your tablet, surf the web, check your email, or whatever, and then be reminded when it’s time to walk back to the stove and turn down the flame. We found the iGrill to generally be pretty accurate and a nice helping hand. It also helps if you’re a total klutz in the kitchen who often ends up over cooking things.

Sony has also preloaded the tablet with several great food apps, recipes and videos, including BigOven with over 250,000+ recipes, Evernote Food: Evernote Food, Juicing Recipes:, Food Planner Pro and Out of Milk Shopping List. These are all premium food related apps with tons of foodie content and features.


Sony has pretty much nailed it when it comes to making the ultimate tablet for the kitchen. Between being waterproof and coming bundled with all these food centric apps, along with the included convenient stand and the iGrill, this is really the ultimate tablet for foodies, cooks, and chefs. Of course, it’s important to remember that the Tablet Z is still a fantastic Android tablet for everywhere else – and not just in the kitchen. To that effect, the Xperia Tablet Z is a multimedia centric tablet that doubles as a universal remote, offers great performance, and a nice large high res display. Unfortunately, although its a premium tablet and comes with nice accessories, its $649 price tag will undoubtedly discourage some users away. That said, for the foodie in your life, the Xperia Tablet Z is an amazing holiday gift.

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition included the 32GB Wi-Fi only model, and retails for $649. Sony is currently running a promotion which throws in a free tablet cradle with the purchase of any Tablet Z.

The Good: Water resistant for kitchen use, comes preloaded with food apps, recipes and videos, serves as a great tablet outside the kitchen too, comes bundled with iGrill thermometer and stand

The Bad: Somewhat pricey.

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