hopTo is a Mulittasking Productivity Beast for the iPad


The search for the holy grail of productivity apps continues apace. The developers behind hopTo think they finally might have found it, though, with an app that allows you to access any files you have stored, anywhere, and edit them all from one app.

The hopTo app has native support for a wide range of cloud storage services like Dropbox and Box, for accessing your files. A lot of apps can claim that, but hopTo goes one step further by enabling remote access to your home PC, as well, meaning that if you have a file stored somewhere, anywhere, chances are you’ll be able to access it using the app. Once you have accessed your files, you can use hopTo to edit and share them. hopTo has an interface that is compatible with Microsoft Office, and that includes spreadsheets and images as well as Word documents. And, if you need to open multiple files, you can switch between them easily within the app.

hopTo is available now for free on the iTunes App Store.

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