MINI Cooper’s Side View Mirror Looks Even Better as a Speaker

mini-speakerHere’s the Bluetooth speaker that should be under the tree for all the Queen’s subjects this year (as we saw during royal wedding season, Americans certainly not excluded). The Mini Cooper Mirror BoomBox is modeled after a side view mirror from a Mini Cooper, and is proudly bearing the Union Jack on the back. So, twice the British for your money.

The speaker itself is both Bluetooth and NFC compatible, and has a built-in microphone so you can use it as speakerphone and pretend to be Austin Powers. Meanwhile, the mirror doubles as a touch interface for volume control. Good battery life here, too – eight hours should mean the Mirror BoomBox won’t give out on you during use on any given day.

Now, obviously, you’re going to get the traditional Union Jack, but if you just have to go against the grain, you can also grab a grayscale Union Jack model or a checkered flag model. Whichever one you go with, you can buy the Mini Cooper Mirror BoomBox from iUi Design now for $150, with free shipping.

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