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3 Amazing Things That Happened on December 15th

December 15th may seem like just another hectic shopping day before Christmas, but it is actually a pretty important date for the history books. Don’t believe us? Check out 3 major events that you probably had no idea originally took place on this date.



1. Gone with the Wind

“ Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” And with that, a classic was born. Gone with the Wind premiered on December 15th, 1939 in Atlanta, Georgia. And even though this movie is 74 years young, it still sucks you in every time with its drama, humor, and dramatic sets. Lets not forget its leading actors – Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.

And while the movie was insanely long, even at the very end, we couldn’t look away as Rhett and Scarlett uttered their last words to each other. We had no doubt Scarlett would get her man back, after all… tomorrow was another day.



2. Superman

35 Years ago, Christopher Reeve took on the role of Superman and an icon was born. So while George Reeves had made the role famous many decades earlier, it was Christopher Reeve who would make it legendary. Make as many reboots as you want movie studios, but this is the Superman we will always love.



3. The Phonograph

In 1877 the music industry was born – sorta. Thomas Edison, the world’s most innovative and prolific inventor, submitted a patent for the Phonograph. This machine would be the forefather to every known sound recording device in creation. So without Edison’s curious spirit and beautiful mind, who knows how long it would have taken for someone else to create such a device. Furthermore, the patent for the phonograph would be Edison’s first patent, out of more than a thousand over his lifetime. Genius.

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