Flipboard Lands on Windows 8 with Special Live Tile Features

Screenshot.257176.100000 Flipboard, an app that has been picking up steam in the past few years, has finally made its way over to Windows proper. Flipboard for Windows 8.1 brings ultimate aggregation to PCs everywhere in the form of personalized digital magazines.

For the uninitiated, Flipboard takes stories and posts from all of your social media feeds and combines them with content from news sources like The New York Times and People Magazine in a magazine-like format. You can tailor your own magazine to your interests, and save posts that you especially like. The magazine format extends to the app’s search function, too – searching for people or keywords will generate search results in a magazine that you can flip through, using a wide variety of content sources. Either way, you can pin individual magazines that you like to the start screen as Live Tiles, and keep those magazines updated over time.

Flipboard is available now for free on the Windows Store.


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