WorkSnug App Helps You Find the Best Workspace Near You

screenshot_1803It’s been up since 2009, but there’s a chance you haven’t heard of WorkSnug. But, if you’re one to work on the go, it’s something you might want to look into – a Yelp of sorts for just about anywhere providing free Wi-Fi.

The aim of WorkSnug is to get its users to rate the world’s mobile hotspots, whether they be business lounges, cafes, coffee shops, or work centers. Instead of rating the food (although, yeah, you can do that, too), people will be passing judgment on how good these places are for working – how noisy they are, whether or not there are any outlets, or how comfortable the seating is. If you’re trying to find a new go-to workplace between home and office, WorkSnug is a pretty good place to start.

WorkSnug is also an augmented reality app – if you see a cafe in front of you, you can bring up all the info WorkSnug has on it on-screen. The AR feature will even tell you all the places around you that have free Wi-Fi. The app also removes the guesswork for a few work-related concerns. There’s a decibel meter on the app, and the results can be shared immediately. You can also check the quality of the in-house Wi-Fi, then run on a test on whether or not it’ll be able to handle a VoIP call. Again, results can be easily shared with the community.

WorkSnug is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

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