4G/LTE Connectivity Coming to Chevrolet’s Corvette and Volt

Car companies have had increasingly large showings at major tech shows lately, and for good reason – just about all of them now have their own in-car infotainment system, with many able to sync with a driver’s mobile device. Few systems are as robust as Chevrolet’s, who at CES this year made a couple of new announcements that should make their MyLink platform even more attractive.

Chevrolet’s talking about more speed, and not the kind measured in miles per hour. They’re adding 4G/LTE connectivity to many of their 2015 line of cars, including the Corvette, Impala, Malibu, and Volt. Eventually, most Chevrolet vehicles this year will at least have 4G/LTE as an option. Officially, it’ll be OnStar 4G/LTE, which you’ll be able to purchase as a standalone data plan. But, AT&T customers will be able to add their car to their Mobile Share plans, if they wish.

So, what’s 4G/LTE doing on a car, anyway? Well, for starters, you’ll be able to download and use apps from the new AppShop on Chevrolet’s MyLink platform. The shop includes a few radio apps like iHeartRadio and Slacker, along with news apps and GPS apps that can also find nearby attractions. There’s even an app available that monitors your car’s health for you. All of those apps are specifically designed for the car, meaning that voice is the primary mode of interaction, and some features are locked down while the car is in motion. And that might be the best feature of all.

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