Hands on with Sony’s Flagship 85″ Sony 4K TV

CES 2013 saw the introduction of 4K televisions, with prices as massive as sizes. But, what was still a bit of a high-priced novelty last year has become more grounded in reality during CES 2014. This looks like it will be the year where 4K television hits the mainstream, with more than a few companies introducing entire lines of 4K television ready to hit the market. One of those companies is Sony, who unveiled their flagship 85” 4K television at the show this year.

The XBR-85X950B model is 85” worth of television in 4K resolution – 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. A lot of televisions are sporting that resolution at CES this year, but Sony’s features their own TRILUMINOS display, which Sony hopes will give them an edge in the race this year. That display should work to improve color contrast, making from deeper blacks and brighter whites that make image quality more vibrant and engaging.

As for the perceived lack of 4K content, Sony is also happy to point out that they are partnering with Netflix, YouTube, and 500px, a photography site, to bring more 4K content to their televisions, in addition to the smattering of 4K content currently widely available. Of course, if you put down for a 4K television now, the assumption is that you’ll be keeping it for a while – you can keep the television reasonably safe in the knowledge that tech companies have built it, and the content will come.

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