COGITO Smartwatches Check Your Phone Obsessively, So You Don’t Have to

Trying to kick the habit of looking at your phone every six minutes like the average person does? Get a COGITO smartwatch that does it for you! Both the COGITO and the COGITO POP are meant to be an extension of your phone rather than a complete replication of it. You can personalize settings according to when you wish to be notified. Then, when a notification pops up, these smartwatches have a “tap to act” feature that lets you simply tap the alert to clear it.

The first step with these watched is, of course, to install its companion app and manage your personal settings. Maybe you only want to be notified when you get an email, and not necessarily when a Twitter alert is up. Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp can be part of your notifications. Whatever your settings, the watch can notify you via LED icons on the watch face of what’s going on. Other nifty perks from the watch include being able to trigger the camera on your smartphone, control music, and even locate your phone and manage calls.

Both the COGITO and COGITO POP run on the good ole fashioned button cell battery and do not require a recharge, as they will last for well over a year and can be easily replaced. The Bluetooth 4.0 tech is low energy and will not overly drain the watch either. The watches are also water resistant up to 10 ATM, meaning you can even stay connected in the shower! Yeah, we may have a problem people.

Not only are the watched useful but they come in a variety of attractive colors as well, ranging from vibrant to muted color schemes. What’s the difference between the two models? The COGITO uses classic analog movements with a lucid digital display, while the COGITO POP uses LED lights as notifications. The COGITO starts at a very reasonable $179 while the COGITO POP goes for $129. For more information see COGITO.

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