Harman Signal Doctor Promises To Return Your Music to its Former CD Quality Glory

Signal_Doctor_Bitrate_ChartWe’ve always been told that, once lost, it’s gone forever. Ye, hope rises, as Harman arrived at CES to tell us that maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to bring it back.

All that audio quality that gets lost during compression of audio files can be reconstructed, thanks to Harman’s new Signal Doctor technology. Pure, lossless music files are out there, but they’re huge, and not very practical for the average user or for music streaming services. Signal Doctor lets you have the best of both worlds – compressed files that take up less space with lossless audio quality. The technology analyzes individual songs, then sharpens all the fine details – high, lows, vocals, and individual instruments. It’s like taking a flattened landscape, and reintroducing all the peaks, valleys, trees, and rivers to make it richer. The ‘as the artist intended’ line is in play.

Later this year, Harman will start releasing new audio products including Signal Doctor technology, which works without any need of input from you. The same goes for auto manufacturers who use Harman audio systems in their cars, so you might see some 2015 models with Signal Doctor technology this year, too.

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