H&M Wants You to Undress David Beckham


February 2 is only a little over a week away – Super Bowl Sunday, when the Broncos and Seahawks will face off in New Jersey in what currently promise to be sub-zero, snowy conditions. It’s going to be a great game! Fun to watch. But you may very well be coming (to the television, not East Rutherford) for the advertisements. That’s OK, too, there will be lots of those (but really, the game will be good, too).

One of those will be an advertisement for H&M. But, Super Bowl advertisements need to raise their game to justify the exorbitant amount of money a Super Bowl spot costs, and H&M has done just that. They’re bringing a little everywhere-else-football to American football, signing up David Beckham to do work in front of a camera directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who also did Drive. It stands to reason that if Refn can direct Gosling, he can direct Beckham.

The pairing of Beckham and H&M extends beyond the camera. The advertisement is actually bumping the Spring David Beckham Bodywear collection (now for kids, too!), which will be hitting H&M stores starting January 30.

Beckham might have hung up his cleats for good last year, but he hasn’t hung up being a studly sex symbol handily capable of getting you to buy some clothing. The team has filmed two versions of the spot, which follow Beckham trying to get back to a photo shoot after being locked out and stuck on the roof in his underwear. Sounds like an adventure! Both versions will be on H&M’s website on January 27. You can vote for your favorite, which will be the one that comes on during the Super Bowl.


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