Neptune Pine Smartwatch’s Gargantuan Screen is a Smartphone in Disguise

Another Kickstarter darling, the Neptune Pine Smartwatch showcases the unique idea of not being tethered to a smartphone via Bluetooth, but rather, being its own autonomous smart watch. It does almost everything a smartphone can do including being the only smart watch to allow for with video chatting, with a front facing flash VGA 5.0 megapixel camera and ginormous 2.4inch full color display.

The device is 3G and WiFi capable so you can browse the internet, and even get directions easily using GPS feautures. The screen is big enough to easily accommodate the set up with a QWERTY keyboard and number pad. It reacts to a flick of the wrist by giving you social news, because we all don’t twitch enough away from our smartphones.

Although the idea is not to be reliant on a smartphone, one can still tie in to their smartphone to receive and make calls and such. It can also act as a fitness tracker with its built-in GPS, compass, and pedometer that tie into fitness apps. A heart rate monitor, the PulseCounter acts as a separate and highly accurate way to keep an eye on your pulse.

The watch easily detaches from the watch straps and can be used like a tiny smartphone in hand, or can be mounted on accessories to take advantage of the rear facing camera that can shoot 720p HD video and store easily up on its 32GB of storage space. All of this runs on a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor making video and graphic intensive games no problem.

Besides the glowing huge screen, which is obviously the aesthetic focal point of the watch, it comes with a premium matter finish, frosted steel buttons, and water resistant casing. The strap is a 35mm silicone wrap that is pulled together with a classy looking buckle. This is one incredible little product for $335. Add in the accessories and that will push you to around $440.

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