PingTune is like Snapchat for Music Fiends

screenshot_1949It’s hard to make comparisons – they usually break down after a while. But, as far as comparisons go, this one works pretty well – PingTune is pretty much Snapchat for music, and that’s a pretty great thing for people who like to share new music with their friends.

With PingTune, you can send songs or clips to multiple friends, along with short messages, if you want. PingTune uses the combined music libraries of SoundCloud and YouTube – searching for a song using the app will comb through those libraries and return songs and clips you can send to friends. And, that’s about it – like the best apps, it’s simple, to the point, and pretty fun to use. So, you know, a musical Snapchat. Maybe not as X-rated, but you’ll probably get a kick out of using it nonetheless.

PingTune is out now for free for iOS, and is currently in development for Android.

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