Sol Republic Relays are Not Just For Working Out


Sol Republic is at CES with Relays, a new pair of earphones that the company says the solves the problem of needing separate earphones for exercise and daily life. I am not wholly convinced that is a real problem – be that as it may, the Relays do look stylish enough in their own right to warrant consideration.

The earphones’ exterior is made of Sol Republic’s own Free Flex technology, which is the part that’s supposed to make the Relays fit in your ear without falling out. Combine that with resistance to sweat and water, and you should have a solid pair of exercise earphones. The cable also comes with a clip, so, despite these not being wireless (ideal for exercise earphones), you can keep the cable close to your body to prevent it from getting caught on something.

Sol Republic’s i5 sound engine is powering the audio, which should be good enough for both the gym and the office. As for the office, Sol Republic thinks that the Relays’ looks and colors – black, black and white, horizon blue, and lemon lime – will look great in any setting, at any time.

The black Relays are available now at Verizon stores and online for $80. The black and white, lemon lime, and horizon blue Relays will hit stores in February for the same price. And, don’t forget, Sol Republic promises free silicone ear tips for life, should you lose your favorite pair.


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