ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the Lightest 14” Laptop EVER [Video]

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon has gone on a diet, making it the lightest 14’’ laptop ever. The ‘Carbon’ part tells you a lot about why this thing is so light. The exterior is made out of light (and equally tough) carbon fiber, making the whole thing weigh just 2.8 pounds. We were stunned when we picked up the X1 Carbon, and even more stunned that we could easily hold it with just two fingers. What 14″ laptop can you do that with?

Like usual with the ThinkPad line, the X1 Carbon is being directed at the business crowd. There’s a new ColorBurst display that, in addition to improving image quality, improves viewing angles. To make it easier to use the X1 Carbon for presentations, gesture and voice controls are also being added. Those frequently mobile will also be pleased to know that the battery life is being put at a healthy nine hours, with the added bonus that the laptop can charge up to 80 percent capacity in less than an hour.

To cut down on wired clutter around the laptop itself, Lenovo is also releasing the ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock. The external dock will be able to provide power to the X1 Carbon, and will be loaded with USB ports, a Gigabit ethernet port, DisplayPort, and DVI.

Both the ThinkPad X1 Carbon and the OneLink Pro Dock are available now, selling for $1,300 and $180, respectively.

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